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Born and raised in Hawaii (thus gravitating to coastal places); moved to NYC 8 years ago; high tolerance for salt; penchant for befriending the frank (gays, babies, dogs and cats).

WHY do you need to read the crankypants sputterings of yet another food-obsessed writer-monkey?

Okay...besides making your teeth whiter and your hair shinier (clinical tests pending) reading this blog isn’t what you’d call a necessity. It’s true.

But I’m mighty tired of reading gossip-based, scene-obsessed food writing. I’m tired of chef idolatry, of not fitting into the happy homemaker or the eat to be seen demographic. I’m tired of having to weed through pages and pages of fancy food advertorials only to find a few glossy recipes that are designed to entertain, rather than sustain.

And I’m fairly certain there are TONS of foodies out there that HATE being called foodies, like myself. Surely, they need something to read.

Will high-end restaurant experiences, complicated kitchen techniques, and hard-to-find ingredients find their way here? Certainly. But not nearly as often as slapped-together non-recipes, confessions of processed food dependencies, and trolling for cheap eats will.

I can almost promise you that I’ll contradict myself, get really pushy and opinionated, and that lots of folks will find me rude and out of my depth. But dear future readers, this much I can promise you: Food will always come first.

Raise your glasses, Effing Foodies of the world, and enjoy.


dairy. daisies. all things aquatic (including tasty inhabitants). globetrotting (on my budget, globehiccuping). island folk. marbled meat.