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November 29, 2007


Jon Sperry

"Poutine in Montreal" - totally!


TOTALLY owe that one to the Sperrypantses travels. ;D

I suppose disco fries will do.

What are the Sperry food dreams?

Jon Sperry

There are a lot. Malasadas from Leonard's in Oahu, Biegnets and Chicory coffee in New Orleans (both doughnut related, I know :))...

Lately I've been craving some New York specific foods. Two Boots Pepperoni Pizza, San Loco messy Mexican food with 'stupid sauce' and the antipasto plates and butternut squash ravioli special at Little Frankie's.

Alas, those are three time zones away.


I kept hearing about poutine the time I went to Montreal -- half-Irishman that I am, I thought they were talking about *poitin* (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poit%C3%ADn). I think the latter was originally made with potatoes, so it's all in one happy food family. Which reminds me, I sometimes think longingly of the shepherd's pie at the restaurant by the train station in Scarsdale!


Most of my food dreams are nostalgia-related:

* sausage rolls
* 4-and-20 meat pies
* pavlova
* homemade Xmas pudding with whisky sauce (Xmas pudding optional)

but some are more bluntly gustatory:

* puris or idlis with sambar
* baby arugala
* caprese salad
* thai green curry with virtually anything in it
* chocolate somethingorother that may or may not look like somethingorother that I've had before that also had chocolate in it
* baklava
* napoleons
* algerian cookies (like from Nomad in the E Village)
* milkshakes (sans boys in the yard)

Margaret D

Food dreams? Sydney rock oysters on the shell with a squeeze of lemon.

Middle loin lamb chops on the grill without all the fat removed, with sugar peas and mash.

Passionfruit flummery and cream.

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