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December 17, 2007



Wow-- I never knew brussels sprouts grew that way! It kinda grossed me out, since I dislike images of pimply/ multi-dotted things. The sprouts at Craftbar were yumyum: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emimo/1812142323/


I usually like bitter vegetables -- turnips, cabbages, etc. -- but brussels sprouts were always too much for me. And I could never think of what to put on them to make them more palatable. Of course -- mustard! Horseradish might be good too. Overwhelm the bitterness with heat.

And why are they called "sprouts"? They look nothing like alfalfa sprouts, or bean sprouts, or radish sprouts ...

Jon Sperry

I always hated brussel sprouts growing up, but later in life I realized it's all in the preparation. Mom had a tendency to boil and burn them... don't ask me how. Quartered, tossed with olive oil, shallots and a bit of bacon, then roasted, is how we make them now. I'll try this recipe though - looks good... I still have to figure out how to make lima beans good though... ugh.


Lima beans pretty much suck. They're like wads of starch wrapped in cellophane. There's nothing you can do with lima beans that isn't better with the white Italian beans (the kind in pasta fagioli).


now now...one word of defense for lima beans: Succotash.


Bacon and heavy cream can make everything better!

The Reavinator

I love the sprouts, I hated them as a child, but I also hated asparagus and artichokes as a child as well...your palate changes as you get older that's for damn sure.

I will also defend lima beans. They may be the worst ingredient ever on The Iron Chef, but they serve the purpose of warming you up and bloating your belly.

One tip for the sprouts. Never boil them, that's for heathens who like bitter acidic cabbage! And when you cook them make sure to cut little grooves in the stems it helps them cook faster. (unless you trim the stems..which is wasteful of fiber :p)

Seasons greetings all!

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