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March 29, 2008


Ann Elphick

I recently read Blood, Bones and Butter by
Gabrielle Hamilton the owner of Prune but have not made my way down there yet. Now, that I've read the above review, not sure I'm young enough for the menu...after reading what they consumed, I feel as though I'll never eat again. Maybe brunch with a carnivore or at least someone who might be a Mario Batali look-a-like before he lost all his weight would be a good companion.

Thank you for the most entertaining food review I've read and such a nice treat after having lived through years of Ruth Reichl who thinks she's the queen of cuisine but can't even acknowledge Gabrielle's presence, time and again at food events. Not surprising, as when Ruth was the NYT's food critic, I put together a Tribue to Robert Rauschenberg at the UN and invited 12 chefs from around the country to prepare a 12-course meal. I invied Mimi Shearaton, Gael Greene, Danny Meyer, etc. but Ruth was a no-show and the chef's were devastated, each and everyone of them. And, she as an old hippy friend of mine when she lived in a commune in Berkeley. Sorry, got sidetracked.

Ann Elphick

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