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August 25, 2008



Oh, No! Poor you :(

I hope you feel better soon.

My boy was ill with food poisoning too (possibly because he went to Maui without me ;P ) so our date last night was over some deliciously soothing jook.

I miss oxtail soup too... am definitely checking out Asahi Grill next time I'm in town!


EF/BFF, I miss you too! Awesome shout out to me and Asahi Grill! I hope you found something better than Campbell's soup to cure your physical illness and more importantly, your emotional tragedy! I wish I could send you periodic bowls of oxtail soup from Asahi Grill! Just an FYI if I hadn't mentioned it when I introduced you to Asahi Grill, the chefs are the former Kapiolani Coffee Shop chefs, that's where their oxtail soup and kim chee fried rice recipes come from. Kapiolani Coffee shop, arguably the best oxtail soup provider in town, still serves it up, but from a different location than you remember. They are now in the Kapalama area, in the same shopping center as some other foodie favorites such as Young's Fishmarket and Utage (one of the best okinawan shoyu pork sources in Honolulu. KCS's new home is at 1286 Kalani St, #107 Honolulu, HI 96817. I'll have to get you some oxtail soup from there next time you come home!

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