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May 31, 2009



Hear, hear! What a ridiculous notion that the First Lady should be leading the way in showing the rest of us what to do. Uhm, the White House has had a personal chef for, oh forever. 'No, no, I can't meet with the head of 'insert-non-profit-group-here' to discuss how to improve 'insert-needed-program-here', because i have to go and make a full lunch of organically grown products for my two little girls. I mean, pick your battles. I'll be happy if oh, i don't know, the president gets programs approved to improve the subsidized lunches in the public schools or, gasp, change the long established subsidies to American farmers so we produce more varied products.


you know my OTHER favorite part of all this? Hesser does suggest those things...but divides them by gender roles:

"Her involvement might also focus the energies of her husband’s cabinet — his secretaries of agriculture, education and health, say — to embrace the cause."

So, wimmenfolk can influence policy, by cooking and teaching to cook, rather than getting in there themselves and tackling agribusiness and education head-on.

Superty-dooper. NYAGH!!!!!!!! ;P

from  b e h i n d

nodnod, "wimmenfolk"'s place is in the kitchin! With some b r i n e.

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