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December 16, 2009


Chocolate Bear is F I R S T

This is the problem with feminism...which variety do you choose?

from  b e h i n d

I choose the backdoor option.

from  b e h i n d

Be a dear and fix me a sandwich too.

from  b e h i n d


You know you can't be l a z y

The Man

Does she hate Alton Brown, too? He's a consummate
male, nuts-(nopunintended)-and-bolts garage-style-tinkering food
personality. But he's explaining food, making it more accessible to
people, what's wrong with that?

And, as to the "potty-mouth" change, this is happening all over.
There's a reality-TV-esque coarsification going on almost everywhere,
not just in cooking.

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