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December 17, 2009


Chocolate Bear is F I R S T

I haven't had a hot toddy in ages...I should probably figure out how to make some.

from  b e h i n d

so do these joints post calories on their sh*t?
I think they should be concerned
about the calories
on their sh*t.

As tastey as this all looks, of course.

Chocolate Bear is F I R S T

I'd would certainly hope not...I can no longer eat at chipolte knowing that lunch can run from 700-1200 calories..and I KNOW they are lowballing that figure.

Then there's starbucks...no more capuccinos and frapuccino's each one of those is like...30 minutes on pike's peak, and 30 minutes on pike's peak is not all that fun!

from  b e h i n d

Funny that, Starbucks' has a roast called "Pike's Place."

"Whoa-o-O/Let's take A jog to Pike's Place" (sung in the key to "Pryor's Place" theme song)

from  b e h i n d

I wouldn't imagine any self-respecting "foodie" would eat at an establishment so ham-n-egger as chipolte. And Starbucks'...fuggetaboudit.

BTW, does this mean you'd rather eat in ignorance, CB?


psst...foodies dig chipotle (even if not all of them admit it.)

tho, in my opinion, where chipotle fails is in portion control. but since theyre run by the mcdonalds corporation, its not all that surprising.

from  b e h i n d

@EF: nodnod, foodies must call it "culinary slumming"

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