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January 11, 2010


from  b e h i n d



Hopefully he doesn't rejuvenate his hair. I like that Fraggle-whispiness of it.


i do, too. :D

from  b e h i n d

btw, the so-called "D-word"...I don't know what all the big deal is. Really I don't. One is always on a diet, crappy or not crappy. But your core audience, EF...their foodie gout probably gets offended when the word is uttered, hence only whispered in dark corners. Conspiring. Like busy little bees.

Better get a hobbit to sing them a dinner song!

 lady red

Count me in amongst the freaks ;o) Methinks i'll be making that tasty brisling (heehee) and avocado sandwich as soon as i get myself to a supermarket for some fresh fruit. Sardines on toast are already something i've been eating once a week for awhile now. But now i get to have it with avocado? Yum! :o)


*secret brisling handshake*

I'm big on Divisive Toast Toppings.  Much to The Man's horror, I like Vegemite and pickled tofu, too.


I haven't followed AB's recipe to a t, but I did have a whole-wheat bagel with avocado and a couple of the silvery buggers, and was mui pleased with it.

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