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March 30, 2010


from  b e h i n d

#ahem# first #ahem#

where's mine EF-wala? ;P


You totally read my mind! ^_^ I've been craving lentils so I was on the hunt for dal recipes yesterday and this morning I saw your post! I'll have to try out your recipe this weekend.

 lady red

I think we're all jonesing for some lentils ;o) I've been re-organizing my pantry and realized i have quite a few bags of them and thought to myself, 'hmm, i must make some yummy lentil recipes'. And then lo and behold here is one :o) I shall definitely be trying this one in the very near future. Hurrah for lentils!

lady red

Just wanted to tell you that months and months later, I finally made this :o)
Omitted a bunch of the ingredients, mainly leeks - 'cause i don't like - and scallions/chili pepper - 'cause i was out, and raisins - 'cause i didn't feel like it ;o)
And added some lemon juice in the end.
Yum, Yum, Yum! Soo delicious!
Made a couple of fried eggs - that i fried in the same skillet that i did the curry sauce in, so they acquired a bit of the leftover curry essence - and added those to the plate.
Soo good and filling! We'll definitely be making this again...once this batch runs out, which might be a while ;o)

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YUM! This looks so good and not hard either. Thank you for the great recipe, just what I was looking for.

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